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Architects and contractors have trusted Acme Brick since 1891 to add unsurpassed beauty and lasting value to their buildings. Acme provides quality products in a full palette of colors and sizes to meet all your commercial construction needs. And by manufacturing to ASTM C652, Acme Brick is leading the way to preserve the environment for future generations. Our excellent service is born in our culture where our customer is always our highest priority. Not only can you count on service beyond your expectations, but expert technical assistance.


Brick is the natural choice for the Rocky Mountains.

The Colorado Brick Council is maintained by brick manufacturers and brick distributors in the Rocky Mountain area. We are proud of the role brick has played in our history and the beauty and value it continues to add to our neighborhoods and commercial areas. With Brick Colorado we strive to provide our site’s guests information and resources about brick; its many colors, textures and shapes; its inherent nature as a green material, perfect for sustainable design; and brick’s positive impact on the property values of our communities.

In addition, we have a staff dedicated to providing free assistance to communities throughout Colorado that are interested in pursuing a higher standard for development and preservation. For more detailed information, please see Communities.

We invite you to submit information about how you have taken advantage of the many aesthetic and physical attributes of brick. We also encourage you to provide other beneficial resources that would be useful to those who appreciate the importance of sustainable design and a lifestyle that protects our environment.

cbc-logoFrom a small local brick manufacturer in Tennessee in 1928, we have grown to be a complete masonry supplier for North America. For residential, commercial or institutional projects, only masonry allows you complete design flexibility and the confidence of using the most trusted building material. Our masonry products will stand the test of time in both style and sustainability. You can expect the very best from General Shale Brick.