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Brick offers true longevity, lasting beauty and appreciating value.

Construction today will affect the aesthetic appeal and long-term property value of a community for years, perhaps generations. From the day they’re built, brick structures go a long way over time to help ensure a community’s beauty and character, as well as its tax base, remain in tact.


Brick Brings
Warmth and Beauty
to Quality Education 101

Learn how schools built with total masonry wall systems create long-lasting, easy-to maintain and safe learning environments for our children.


Colorado Case Studies

IMG_0038         Arvada

IMG_6472        Aurora

IMG_0180         Trinidad

IMG_1570         Wheat Ridge

longmont         Public Art


Case Studies from Around the Country






(Overland Park)

After trying to enforce an “informal” brick requirement for years, Overland Park put its preference for brick on the books.



For more than a decade, this established Des Moines suburb has insisted on brick for its commercial construction.