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There are few places on earth where nature’s beauty is as indubitable as Colorado. And there is no other building material more compatible with the environment than brick. Recognition of brick’s beauty and strength is evident in the earliest days of the Territory and as we enter a new millennium, more emphasis than ever before is being placed on preserving and protecting our environment. Brick is the natural choice to meet these challenges without compromise.




How Brick Masonry shaped the Face of the West

“The evidence made the truth obvious, even as flames continued to race their way through the heart of what was then called Denver City. The April 19, 1863 fire ate every frame building in its path, savoring the local resinous wood from which those structures were built as though it were gorging on a gourmet meal.

Only two things stopped it. One was manpower, comprised mainly of frantic businessmen desperate to save their investments. The other was brick.”